Currently Chief Executive Officer of Global Entertainment Security, Ben Barbosa has cultivated a rare proficiency in most aspects of business management and coordination in the entertainment industry. Additionally, Ben Barbosa serves as Managing Principal/Chief Executive Officer of Entertainment Insight/Mokumedia, where he provides marketing services to high-profile companies working in the entertainment industry.

Before coming to GES and Entertainment Insight/Mokumedia, Ben Barbosa served as Chief Executive Officer at BB Entertainment, where he worked closely with Lawrence Bender as North American distributor for Innocent Voices. Prior to that, he served as CEO of Mann Theatres, one of the leading boutique theatre chains in Southern California. While CEO, Ben Barbosa oversaw Mann Theatre’s operations, including theaters and retail stores, as well as hosting a number of Hollywood premieres at the famous Graumann’s Chinese theater and Westwood’s Village and Bruin theaters. Additionally, Ben Barbosa was responsible for managing marketing and film acquisitions for all films and business development of the company.

Ben Barbosa attended New York University before launching what would be a long and successful career in the entertainment and marketing business. Ben Barbosa has held senior executive positions at Columbia Pictures and General Cinema Theaters.

In addition to being a film enthusiast, Ben Barbosa is committed to advancing the community through supporting numerous nonprofit organizations and charitable causes. Hollygrove is one such organization that has received generous attention from Ben Barbosa. Hollygrove is a locally based organization in Los Angeles that seeks to achieve enrichment for children and families through advocacy work. Ben Barbosa belongs to several professional organizations, including the Friar’s Club and ASIS International.


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